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Purity In Worship: CD
  • Purity In Worship: CD
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Three singles on this album.

The first single "Love With YOU" is an urban worship song that unapologetically declares the believers intense love for GOD. This songs features the vocal phenom "Nischka Higginbotham".

The second song "HOLY ONE" proclaims THE MOST HIGH as Holy and encourages believers to worship HIM with exuberance and ecstatic joy.....Forever

The final single "Bow Down" features worship minstrel Aneisa Simon. This song proclaims the reverential awe and overwhelming wonder of GOD. It challenges believer of all races, creeds, and ethnicities to prostrate low before HIS Great Presence.

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Holy ONE (Extended Mix)
  • Holy ONE (Extended Mix)
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This extended version of the song speaks of the Holiness and Rulership of The Messiah JESUS/YESHUA over all creation and encourages HIS' believers to praise and worship HIM.....forever and ever

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